Derbyshire Area of the Ramblers

Ramblers Organisation

orgchartBoard of Trustees

    Sets policy for the organisation on behalf of members
    Appoints and oversees the Chief Executive
    Approves the business plan and budget
    Elected by General Council delegates
    All trustees are volunteers

Chief Executive

    Implements policies set by the Board of Trustees
    Runs the organisation on behalf of the Board of Trustees
    Develops business plan and budget

General Council

    Annual meeting of the Ramblers comprising delegates from each Area
    Elects trustees and holds them to account
    Approves Annual Report and Accounts
    Provides policy guidance to Board of Trustees


    Approximately 60 across the UK
    Send delegates to General Council
    Devolve budgets to Groups
    Co-ordinate activities across the Area via the Area Council
    Appoint Local Footpath Officers


    Approximately 500 across the UK
    Send delegates to Area Council
    Manage Group budget
    Manage group activities: Walks Programme, Footpath Maintenance,
    Publicity and Recruitment

Sunday, January 20, 2019